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FUNNEL WORKSHOP . generate leads without cold calling and networking.

Our mission is to help you make the right investment into your business by using leadpages and email marketing tools to power your sales funnels and conversion process also known as "your website." You'll stand firm in confidence, because of the leads and sales it produces for you... every single day. 

Secondly, our mission is to help you be proud of the sales funnel you've architected, because of the profit it produces. You'll stand firm in confidence, because of the leads and sales it produces for you... every single day. 

Set up your business systems and structures to support your success. Want more clients? Want to fix your "leaky" sales funnels?

Want to "work less, live more" rather than being a slave in your business?

Let's create a plan to get all of those things - right now.

So what if you decide to take a holiday? Your funnels will continue to make money for you. So what if you decide to stop working for an entire week? Your funnels will continue to sell for you. So what if you decide to quit your full-time job? Your funnels will pay the bills for you, and even feed you and your family!

Did you know that you can start to earn money before you even launch or before your business is launched? 

1. Learn how to scale up your marketing for your products and services. 

2. Implementation of your business converging with Lifecycle Marketing

3. You’ll also be able to easily define your very own profitable funnel AND know exactly who you’re going to sell your products and services too. 

4. Genecia will introduce you to simple strategies you can start using right now to grow your email list (and to turn those new subscribers into paying customers).

5. How to turn your business website into a lead generation machine. We'll show you how to create a high converting giveaway in just 30 minutes.

6. Walk away with your chosen profitable funnel. Get the modules of your funnels mapped out ready to have them implemented.



TIME: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM DAILY




 $1999 (NON MEMBER)

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 ***plus you will get recording of the funnel training so you can repeat and help you be proud of the sales funnel you've architected, because of the profit it produces. You'll stand firm in confidence, because of the leads and sales it produces for you... every single day. (Worth $297)

We accept paypal and all major credit cards! Sign up here https://soulrichwoman.leadpages.co/funnels-workshop/ 

IMPORTANT: This is a hands on workshop. We will be guiding you to use an email marketing service and a landing page service, called Leadpages. This workshop does not include the $25/month fee for Leadpages. All prices is in USD.

NOTE: I’ll be showing you the exact steps and method I’ve used over the past 2 years, to help you generate an ecosystem that bring you consistent income month after month. 

Tired of working your ass off and having almost nothing to "show" ie. no results? To create a life we love, sometimes can be a painful struggle. 

WHY THIS WORKS because... You can have the best business in the world and know your industry better than anyone.

This Event is designed for you if you're an entrepreneur or a business owner or an aspiring entrepreneur and...

- You're ready to handle more sales and customers for your business

- You want to quickly grow the number of customer you have apart from the ones you're currently serving

- You want to triple your revenue without spending a bomb on advertising and marketing

- You're serious about getting more business for your product or service

- You're prepared to make significant change to your business growth

- You want to apply business strategies to help you get miles ahead of your competition 


Yes, because we are on a mission to help aspiring entrepreneurs, entreprenuers and women in business overcome tough challenges such as:

X Lack of Sales & Customers

X Lost on how to get more people to buy their product or service

X Unsure of a concrete strategy to expand and have exponential revenue growth

X How to get more customers without spending a bomb on marketing

As you know... many are also expecting for a recession to happen soon so its important to continually evolve and adopt new strategies. 

The fact is... entrepreneurs and business owners must continue to evolve through time regardless of where their business is at.

Do you remember these brands? You'll need to evolve and adopt new strategies to avoid creating your own business disasters....

Charlotte Mizuki

Owner of Lifesparks Studio.

Genecia Alluora recommendation to automate my business and promotion through leadpages and funnels mapping is simply Amazing!!

Look at this ladies...one confirmed lead clicking every alternate minute since my facebook ads went live at 9am this morning!!

So do not miss the upcoming workshop by Genecia Alluora to experience it for yourself and grow your business like you never have seen!

Thanks Shifu :) exciting day to experience this today so need to share with the ladies here..

Anjela Wang

Owner of AuroraDIVA.

After I launched my funnel, immediately, sales came in!

Crystal Lim

Co-founder of Moringa.sg.

Genecia introduced me to Infusionsoft for my funnel building. Soul Rich Woman made me focus on the "why" and cut short the time to grow my business with marketing funnel and feedback. 


One way to evolve and adopt new strategies is by learning from other successful business owners.

Learning from them will provide you with new insights and new strategies that you can use.

Here's a sneak of what potentially you can set up for your business... automatically lead generating, increasing sales and automatically following up for more....

I've created specifically for busy business owners like yourself. We know you don't have a ton of time to spend studying marketing, so we are teaching quick, proven techniques that you can implement right away.


Genecia Alluora

Owner:SoulRichWoman.com♛Own a beauty business@AlluoraBeauty.com♛Retail Chain Partner, COFFEE:NOWHERE


Brendan Yong

Lead Consultant at Empathi Solutions Pte Ltd

Certified Infusionsoft Partner 


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