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How To Profitably Run Instagram + Facebook Ads

...Even If Nobody's Ever Heard Of You" 

How to Easily Grow Your Business, Attract Customers on Demand, Without Spending All Your Time on worrying or wasting more money....

Unhappy With the LACK of Paying Customers That You’re Getting For Your Business? Still thinking why people are sitting on the fence and NOT BUYING yet?

You could either read EVERY book and article written on Facebook Ads, spend HOURS interviewing industry insiders, and then spend money and time perfecting your results in the field like I have…


If you have:

 ☛Tried and failed to place Facebook ads via the Ads Dashboard…

Been boosting posts, thinking you’ve been running Facebook ads…

Ever overspent on pricey Facebook ads…

Spent hours creating ads that never got approved…

Been thinking your results are good but could be much better…

Spent hours creating instagram posts that never got leads nor followers who engages

☛Tried and failed on how to "get more followers who are ready to buy"

☛We will be showing you the right type of ads to run, the ABC of instagram marketing in order to promote your freebies, offers and webinars and grow your email list in the process... if you DO want to attract ready to buy customers &&to convert better? ;)


Saturday 9am - 11am (SGT) | 19 November 2016

Genecia Alluora, Founder of Soul Rich Woman & Business Mentor 

Guest: Sabrina Wang, Founder of Princessa & SauceINK

During This Free Live Training, You Will Learn:

1. Use Facebook ads to grow your community in order to decrease the cost of leads later down the line. 

2. How to post Facebook Ads correctly and track your leads with THE "facebook gps"

3. Master the Facebook Power Editor so you can confidently place your ads

4. How to create images and copy on Instagram that demands attention to your freebies, webinars and offers 

5. How To Create Instagram Campaigns That Work and Make You Money

6. You'll discover exactly what to focus on when it comes to Instagram + FB Marketing (and why 97% of business owners are doing it wrong)

Dear Friend,

Join me for the live training and the opportunity to ask me anything! As always, I’ll be saving plenty of time to answer your questions at the end of the workshop.

This is a free webinar and it will likely run long, possibly up to 2 hours. 

Soul Rich Woman like you are super busy people I know, but this is one live training that you’re not going to want to miss.



Sign up here and as well as a front row seat. 

Mark your calendar, set a reminder on your whatever it is you need to do to make sure you are plugged into your screen and ready to catch this awesome training LIVE!

To Your Success,


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